EmuWebmail, the smartest available Open Source Webmail solution for your organization.
EmuWebmail is a CGI based POP3/IMAP/POP3s/IMAPs webmail system.
Access you mail from anywhere with ease.

Why go for EmuWebmail?

  1. Its Open Source
    EmuWebmail’s source code is available under Apache 2.0 License, freely available for your use. So you can customize & tweak the complete system as per your Organization’s need!
  2. Well Documented
    We have taken extra care in developing good documentation & resources for the system, this way you’d have to take less pain customizing it.
  3. Easy Installation
    EmuWebmail just takes seconds to be installed on your server, no complex things to be done. Still stuck up? We’ll do it for you.
  4. Clean & easy to use Interface
    EmuWebmail is one of the simplest & easy to use webmail Interfaces. We have takes extra care in making things easy not only for the Administrator but also for the users. Have a look at the Demo.
  5. Powerful Features
    With features like Message delivery notification , WAP support, Multiple mailbox support, Easy multi-lingual translations, Customized header processing,  MS Word -> HTML viewing utility, Real-time spam filtering using the “Real-Time Blackhole” list of known spammers, User-definable message filter rules, Signature file on outbound messages, Priority Flags on outbound messages, & conjunction with third party scripts, etc. EMUWebmail is surely one of the most powerful Webmail Systems. Have a look at all the features.
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